Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Together in Paradise...

The end of October was quite an adventure, as we have been back in Brooklyn and preparing for the next phase of our Fairyland Clubhouse where the whole thing began, back in the beginning of the year... Rose Robin joined us from California for 10 days of long days and hard work to turn our studio into the Theater of the Magical Real, just in time to celebrate the birthday of Miss Charlotte Gaspard, founder of the Fairytale Experiment (or rather the fairy with the seed), and we were also able to celebrate all that we stand for, art community, collaboration, love, free expression, the magical real...

We built a stage (well, Rose built & we helped), and a DJ booth for the dumpling fairy Duncan Elder, and we hung this huge and gorgeous red theater curtain, and Rose Robin built several of her amazing tree sculptures.

Friday, October 30th we celebrated, "Together in Paradise..."
It was a wonderful evening, featuring live music sets from The Mumbles and friends:

and Kai Altair the lovely fairy goddess:

and Ana Sobel fairy shared some tabla with storytelling that was mesmerizing as well... We even had a few speeches, much dancing late into the night, records spinning out of the new DJ booth, even some free-stylings, and many beautiful fairies everywhere you looked!

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate with us and to help make it happen! Magical Real Love to all, it was just the evening we dreamed of...

Now we are back in the swing of things in Brooklyn Fairyland. We are hosting Fairytale Experiment meetings and Dream Theater Workshops under the guidance and leadership of Duncan Elder. We are performing around New York City, for updates on shows, visit our facebook page...

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