Friday, September 10, 2010

This Saturday! Shadow/Play + Party

Please join us this weekend in a very special event! Celebrate autumn and support the magical things in the city...

Along with an incredible line-up for the love of Rubulad, the Fairytale Experiment shall present Shadow/Play, with silhouettes by C. Spot Designs... an early show 11pm-ish and a late encore 1am-ish... Hope to see you there!


Save Rubulad from Extinction!


Rubulad and 3rd Ward Present:

...On Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pre-Hysteria – a fund-raiser to help save Rubulad from extinction

At 3rd Ward – 195 Morgan Avenue at Stagg Street

After years of sending Brooklyn's most adventurous party-goers into all-night wonderlands of art and celebration, Rubulad is now in danger of losing its space.  "Pre-Hysteria" -- referring to all things billions years back, the way things were when dinosaurs and not the Department of Buildings ruled the earth. Please dress and comport yourselves accordingly.

live music by:
Les Sans Culottes
Lily and the Parlour Tricks
Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
The WoWz
With your dj/soundman Cody

The Vintage DJ
DJ Dirty Finger
Jimmy Jaxon BeeKay
Stellar Chic Duo
Joe & Oz McGuire (Afrolicious)
and more…

in the yard:
Not Waving, but Drowning
Jessica Delfino
Bradford Reed and his Pencilina
with your DJ/soundman Greything

performances by:
Zero Boy
Fairytale Experiment Presents: Shadow/Play
The Jared Whitham Show
Modern Dance Awareness Society
“Blow,” a performance by Vanessa and Yung

Aerialists curated by Anya Sapozhnikova
Dreams and Aspirations Vending Machine by Yung
G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest
Light Circus Extraordinaire of Norm Francoeur
Delicious Barbecue

...and a cast of thousands who have generously donated their time and talents to help S.O.S. – save our space!

Your $20 will help ensure the existence of Rubulad for 65 million more years to come.

Directions: L Train to the Morgan Avenue stop and follow the address numbers or to the Montrose Avenue stop, down Messerole and left on Morgan.

10:00 pm doors, 11:00 pm show. 21+ w/ ID, really.

“Pre-hysteria” refers to all things dinosaur-ish, stone age or of the terminal, way-back past. Get inspired and dress accordingly...

We are guests of 3rd Ward so no BYOB please.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shadow Puppet Performance at 3rd Ward!

This Saturday, September 11th, 2010. The Fairytale Experiment, in association with Theater of the Magical Real, is proud to present our newest "Shadow/Play" at the 3rd Ward Arts Space.
Shadow Puppet Stage and Sihouettes created by Charlotte Gaspard, C.Spot Designs.
Puppeteers provided by Fairytale Experiment, Theater of the Magical Real.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Theater of the Magical Reel presents:
"The Metrocard Fairy"

Story created by: The Fairytale Experiment
Starring: Meredith Claire & Duncan Elder
With the Fairies: Eden Francis, Gabrielle Cryan
& Charlotte Gaspard

Production Manager: Wanda Ruggiero
Shot & Cut by: Charlotte Gaspard
Music by: Prince Rama of Ayodhya

Special Thanks to: Rebar / Retreat
Sponsored by: Circle Arts, Inc.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Theater of the Magical Real presents "Alice Underground" { a reading of our new play }

This Thursday, January 21st we are proud to present a staged reading of our new play, "Alice Underground" written by Charlotte Gaspard & the Fairytale Experiment, presented to you by Theater of the Magical Real.
We are honored by One Arm Red to use their beautiful theater space in DUMBO, Brooklyn ( "Alice Underground" is our modern adult retelling of the classic story of "Alice in Wonderland", set in the present with our gritty New York City as the backdrop.
The reading shall start at 7pm and we would like to invite you, our friends and cohorts to join us and stay afterward for some discussion and feedback.
Space is very limited, so if you would like to join us, please PLEASE
send an RSVP to

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Together in Paradise...

The end of October was quite an adventure, as we have been back in Brooklyn and preparing for the next phase of our Fairyland Clubhouse where the whole thing began, back in the beginning of the year... Rose Robin joined us from California for 10 days of long days and hard work to turn our studio into the Theater of the Magical Real, just in time to celebrate the birthday of Miss Charlotte Gaspard, founder of the Fairytale Experiment (or rather the fairy with the seed), and we were also able to celebrate all that we stand for, art community, collaboration, love, free expression, the magical real...

We built a stage (well, Rose built & we helped), and a DJ booth for the dumpling fairy Duncan Elder, and we hung this huge and gorgeous red theater curtain, and Rose Robin built several of her amazing tree sculptures.

Friday, October 30th we celebrated, "Together in Paradise..."
It was a wonderful evening, featuring live music sets from The Mumbles and friends:

and Kai Altair the lovely fairy goddess:

and Ana Sobel fairy shared some tabla with storytelling that was mesmerizing as well... We even had a few speeches, much dancing late into the night, records spinning out of the new DJ booth, even some free-stylings, and many beautiful fairies everywhere you looked!

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate with us and to help make it happen! Magical Real Love to all, it was just the evening we dreamed of...

Now we are back in the swing of things in Brooklyn Fairyland. We are hosting Fairytale Experiment meetings and Dream Theater Workshops under the guidance and leadership of Duncan Elder. We are performing around New York City, for updates on shows, visit our facebook page...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Chapter of Fairytale Experiment on Tour 2009

Charlotte Lily Fairy here, writing from beautiful Brooklyn... So we left off our story as the fairies had just arrived in Santa Cruz, an amazing and intense four days with so much of stories (but for the full story you'll have to wait for the documentary, Rose Robin is working on the edit as we speak...)
Highlights: the bus is broken down and we are down and out for a bit, but meet some amazing people, including Taylor and his wonderful dog Henry who are also having shortbus trouble, but we are able to comfort and help each other see the endless possibility of every obstacle and challenge, we meet Chip a super cool community gentleman who gives us lots of advice and connections (and rescues Rose & CSpot off the heat of the street when Rose is about to faint in the sun), we perform at a Farmer's Market and then busk up and down the main street of the town, and meet some wonderful local musicians, and end with connecting with some more wonderful locals, including the incredibly talented and kind Nick Anderson who invites us to visit the Tannery, a really cool project that subsidizes artist housing and studio space that we had been hearing so very much about throughout our odyssey of Santa Cruz experience...
Learn about the Tannery Arts Center at:
Check out Nick's artwork at:

Then we leave Santa Cruz feeling rather optimistic on our way to San Fransisco. However when we stop for coffee in Half Moon Bay the bus won't start again...
We get a jump from a kind stranger, then another jump from another kind stranger who is in less of a rush... But still, Lunette won't start.
The engine is flooded, perhaps. Something is very wrong...
Just then, a man with beautiful long hair and the eyes of an angel pulls up beside Lunette in a classic 1958 Ford truck and asks if he can help. He is Scott, our angel of Half Moon Bay. The adventure continues, the bus won't start, and Rose and Scott spend the rest of the evening underneath her trying to figure out what is wrong...
We end up spending the night in the bus in the parking lot, to continue the diagnoses the following day. Finally Scott and Rose find the main problem -- the starter is dead! Poor Lunette!
A friend from Santa Cruz, Dan arrives in his little car to check on the fairies and takes Avatar and Erin and Lunette's dead starter ahead to San Fransisco to a starter guy that Dan knows who can rebuild it for us for a much better price than a new one, and Rose and Charlotte make the trek up to the city on the public bus (not enough room in Dan's car for four.) Our angel Scott we leave as Lunette's guardian as she shall have to stay all by herself in the parking lot of the shopping complex until we can get back to her and get her new starter in...

San Fransisco... Lovely town. We begin our stay with some friends of friends who are so wonderful to take us in, we busk at Fisherman's Wharf, we enjoy the good company of Teddy and Meredith Claire (of San Fran, not our NYC Meredith Claire! Names continue to be uncanny repetitions of special people...), then we stay with family friends of CSpot who welcome us into their garden our first day to a music jam and bbq out by the gorgeous beach of the Great Highway, and then we stay with our Fairy Godmother Karen out in Berkeley, a woman of heart and soul and magic who offers us fairy safe-haven. Thank you all, we were so well cared for again by the universe and beyond lucky in all our friends and hosts and angels...

Lunette spends a few days in the parking lot and then Rose and Cspot return to her with the starter and meet Scott -- from here Lunette spends several days with Scott and Rose in Half Moon Bay getting sorted and checked out and fixed and made healthy... Thank you Scott!!!
We end our time in San Fransisco performing at Anon Salon's "Dust-Off" Party, a great experience! We perform a fairytale for the people, Rose does performance body painting and we all sing and share stories and meet lots of gorgeous folks & fairy friends...
Check out the Anon Salon at:

Then -- its time to go.
We say our goodbyes and all pile into Lunette to head to Half Moon Bay for Lunette's last check up before we hit the road for the long drive back to New Orleans, and to record some of our songs (all original compositions by James Avatar) and then we're off!
We drive in shifts pretty much non-stop to NOLA, and make it in four days. Yes, four days, from Half Moon Bay right near San Fransisco to New Orleans.
At this time we must take a moment to thank all of you who supported us in this journey home. With the incredible and generous donations of so many kind souls we were able to end our tour as we planned, in New Orleans. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now we part ways. We all agreed to end our tour in New Orleans. Avatar and Erin go to stay with a friend of theirs and prepare/plan/begin building their next phase of life.
Rose and Charlotte spend our last few days in the city, and have two more shows as a duet... We perform at this amazing secret sex club an experimental performance piece that Charlotte has been dreaming of finally come to life, with the live accompaniment of the Marmalade Brigade (amazing band! Can't wait to work and play with them again...)
Check out the Marmalade Brigade at:

The Fairies Rose & Charlotte have our final performance/experience at this amazing art house with a three-story tree house with a water slide into their pool and a stage and a dome (which is where Rose does her performance painting and body painting and also where the projections are, our friend Frances lets CSpot take over the video for the second half of the party, total honor thank you!) and we get to be there for their first big party with over 700 people attending, its their Spirit Animal Party, and the fairies love it!!! Thank you Amzie, thank you Kayla and Flo, thank you Rex for being, thank you Scott Pterodactyl for building, thank you family and all of New Orleans for being a home in this world for the roving fairies...
Check out more about the NOLA Art House at:

This is our goodbye to New Orleans for a time, but we feel satisfied and fulfilled. Rose and Charlotte head to the airport together to spend the night in the terminal before we part. Rose is flying back to California and Charlotte is going home to Brooklyn, to the C.Spot Studio, the Fairyland Clubhouse where it all began, once upon a time, way back in February, with just the seed, an idea, a longing to gather together a tribe of fairies to make new fairytales and discover the magical real.

Again, thank you all for making it possible, for your support and faith, and for reading...

We now begin the next phase of the Fairytale Experiment back in Brooklyn with the creation of the Theater of the Magical Real...

Keep posted for more adventures...

Until next time,
Charlotte Lily Gaspard
aka Miss C. Spot