Tuesday, July 28, 2009

we get to philly...

just a short note as time is brief before we leave our little haven on cedar street to get to the park where we are doing a 2pm performance of fairytales... we made it to philly last night after a grand adventure of our first flat as we were driving through camden with the lights and skyline of philadelphia in the distance... we were stranded at a nothing gas station not sure what to do so rose and avatar headed off into the streets and highways of camden to find a flat fix place or a tire or something... yana and myself (charlotte) stay with the bus and take the time to do a little organizing of the bus... amazing long story short, the angels of camden came to our rescue -- rose and av find rob who drives them back to the bus with the two tires they bought and then helps them find the wonderful trucker crew nearby and all these wonderful 5 help us for hours to get a new tire on the rim and the adorable little boys Rob's two kids rob jr and ali keep us company -- such an amazing experience!!!
sending kisses to all from the road and keep posted for more...
magical real love,

Monday, July 13, 2009

yana flaps her wings

This is a little clip from the rehearsal for our show in the Intervale Community Space in Burlington, Vermont on Thursday, July 9th...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 2/3

We have entered the Road

1st stop Stockbridge..a fairy music jam and incredible pesto
we picked up a cook stove and a wonderful musician… Lucas Swan.

Now on our way in the rain to Burlington Vermont, green lush dampness.

We will be camping out in the woods rehearing, repainting the bus, renovating costumes, rehearsing, building many pocket pouches for the bus.

We have a show in a Barn tomorrow night double billing with Shawn Grady. Performing: The Sun Flower, and Dreamer .2, and creating a collaborative experiment with local artists.

(as I write this our first bus glitch, the wind shield wipers stopped working mid rainstorm. So we pull over, wrap up in a towel, scope out the situation, wait, admire a boat across the road, head up the road to a gas station, the rain clears we make it to Burlington about 7pm - amazing how something so small can be so large, so many lessons to be discovered)


Today woke in a garage in Burlington first night of city camping, our host who is connecting us with the arts community here, very friendly, hadn't really sorted us out so our first night we were welcomed to a hump day home brew community gathering and one of the people at the party Greg, hosted us gave us a Chinese food feast as we bonded with the community and planned for performances here.

Rehearsal this afternoon at the barn, we need to unload the bus, re organize ( probably a permanent activity) Performing tonight after a dance piece...really flying by strings.

The plan is to rehearse with local artists and build a piece to share... we have the tales we've created and chill people who want to play...I am wishing I had a clearer plan, but trust and ease and walking into leading the way (ahh). More soon.

Headed to Maine tomorrow..... cheers y.

Fairytale Experiment Teaser