Monday, June 29, 2009

Fairy-Well & Ciao for Now!

Darlings and Cohorts,

Several months ago we began a journey, the Fairytale Experiment.

Our idea is to open up assumptions underlying our collective consciousness and reclaim the endless possibility and exuberance of the magical realms of our youth.

In weekly open workshops we began generating new fairytales and developing a Magical Real method of storytelling. Through this process we became a multi media theater collective.

This Spring we performed at festivals, parades and intimate venues, in the streets and parks and lofts of New York City...
Now we are embarking on the next phase... America...

The Fairytale Experiment is going on the road to share, explore and discover new stories.
To virtually join our adventure :


Please save these dates!

Saturday, July 25th from 9pm till Late : A Fairy-well Party and Fundraiser
Sunday, July 26th at 6pm : Free Fairytale Performance, outdoors TBA


Want to help the Fairies?
… Know anyone along our route?
The Fairies would love more connections… All contacts to venues, hosts and local art communities welcome!

Spread the word!
Contact :


Outline of the Road Trip {open for additions & detours}:
July 11th – Maine Performance
July 12th – Vermont Performance
July 26th – NYC Performance
August 2nd – New Orleans Performance
August 8th – Santa Fe Performance
August 21st – L.A. Performance
August 26th – San Francisco Performance
August 29th to September 7th – Burning Man
Early September – Portland, Oregon
September 26th – Big Sur Performance

For updates & revisions :


We also have a Wish List:
-- camping stove
-- musical instruments {ukulele?}
-- another tent
-- small generator {we could bring it to the playa for you!}
-- bungee chords
-- sound system {esp. good speakers}
-- acrylic and fabric paint & enamel paint
-- mats {esp. vinyl}
-- spare car battery
-- water cooler {minimum size 10 gallon}
-- camping shower
-- megaphone
-- glitter

If you have any of these items to spare please contact us, we would be happy to fly by and pick them up! Contact :


Follow our adventures!
Read the blog… Join our mailing list for updates, stories and new videos!

Keep in touch… We shall miss you all… Write to us…

And keep NYC Magical Real!!!

Yana & Charlotte & the Fairytale Experiment
{ James Avatar, Erin Belanger, Mary Baulaurier, Meredith Claire, Duncan Elder, Charlotte Gaspard, Susan Gittens, Naomi Kaufman, Mahayana Landowne, Rose Robin, L.A. Rucker, Wanda Ruggiero, Anna Sobel, Luisa Quintavalle }


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mermaid Parade!

Here are some photos from the Mermaid Parade, June 20th 2009
BTW, Lunette our Fairytale Express won a prize for being one of the best floats!!!

{ Photos courtesy of Facebook; Anna Sobel, Sabrina Veksler, Chris Micheal & more }

Fairytale Express leaves NYC on July 7th!

On July 7th our magic bus, Lunette the Fairytale Express shall be leaving NYC to spend our first two weeks of tour in lovely Vermont to collaborate with the wonderful and magical Shawn Grady.

Then for the weekend of July 10th through 12th we shall make a mission up to Maine for an all-weekend camping party to celebrate Duncan-fairy's birthday with live music, fairytale performances and magical screenings in the forest, while camping on a meridian vortex, much like a chakra of the earth...

We shall be passing back through NYC on the weekend of July 23rd through 27th, for the Mumbles album release party on a boat...

And for a benefit party on Saturday July 25th...
And a very special goodbye performance on July 26th!

Then on July 27th we're off for New Orleans, then Santa Fe... L.A... San Fransisco... Burning Man... Portland, OR... and a very special performance in Big Sur.

We shall return to NYC in the beginning of October.
If you are somewhere we are passing through, or know anyone who would appreciate our fairytale experiment in any of these places, please get in touch!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fairy Picnic Photos

{ Photos courtesy of M. Beaulaurier }

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to the Magical Real...

This is the blog for the Fairytale Experiment... You can read and see more about us here:

Keep posted on our adventures as we travel the country this summer, perhaps to a town near you!